Dehydrated Instant Kava Root Powder

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Kava On the Go: Take your Kava Drink anywhere, from the beach to your office to backpacking. It's the perfect match for your lifestyle.

Dehydrated Green Kava: the freshest instant Kava form, is created by pressing the fresh root into juice before drying. This innovative method maintains the Kava's strength without the coarser fibers that can cause stomach discomfort, making it superior to other instnat and micronized forms.

Sip with Ease: No more kneading and straining. Just mix a teaspoon of our instant Kava powder with water, stir, and enjoy - no fuss, no mess.

A bit Chalky but worth the Chill: While it may have a slightly chalky texture, our instant green kava is perfect for when you do not have the time or tools to make kava the traditional way. Enjoy the benefits of kava without the fuss, wherever you wander.