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What is Kava?

Use Kava is made from the roots of the kava plant, which is a type of pepper plant (piper methysticum). Kava has been used for centuries in cultural and social gatherings for its calming and relaxing effects. It has been consumed for social, cultural, medicinal and political reasons for millennia.

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Vanuatu Waka

Fijian Waka

Dehydrated Instant Kava

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We focus on the farmers

We have searched out to find farmers that we trust, fostering relationships with them to keep fair pay and have a sustainable Kava business where everybody wins. Our farmers are based out of Tonga, Vanuatu and Fiji and they help us provide only the best.

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Quality and Safety Testing

We test our Kava through 3rd party testing sites for safety and quality to ensure we sell only the safest and highest grade Kava on the market.

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Pacific Stress Relief By & For Adults

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Purity is Traditional

Koa Kava™ is pure, as both tradition and respect dictate. This means that our medium-coarseness Kava is 100% natural root fiber, free of all extracts, preservatives, and thickening agents. To ensure this, we test every batch in a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)-certified laboratory. In Tonga, you would never offer an honored guest anything but your finest food and beverage, we follow suit.