Vanuatu Waka Premium Kava

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  • Unmatched Calm: Koa Kava's pure noble waka kava powder soothes mind and body, guiding you to deep relaxation.
  • Bitter yet Worth It: Experience the unique taste of kava—known for its bitterness and earthy flavor—but powerful and worthwhile effects on relaxation and well-being
  • Heavy Relaxation: Experience the deep relaxation of our premium Vanuatu kava, a heavy, muscle relaxing kava that gently guides you into a restful state. Perfect for unwinding after a long day and promoting a peaceful night's sleep.
  • Carefully Cultivated: Koa Kava is made from meticulously grown kava plants, aged 4-6 years, and crafted from select lateral roots for an authentic experience.
  • Pure and Natural: Koa Kava is sourced from Vanuatu's islands, free from additives and artificial ingredients.